Xiaomi 12 – Full specs, review, Antutu score & performance

xiaomi 12
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Xiaomi 12 is a compact device

Xiaomi 12 is a compact device. Today we start our mobile reviews with Xiaomi mi 12. Today we will see what is special about this mobile. This is the first mobile in the in which launched the Snapdragon 8 gen 1. Xiaomi announced first But the first mobile which came in the marketplace with Snapdragon 8 gen 1 was Motorola. This mobile is Xiaomi 12 series. This is a very compact device. This mobile is smaller in size than other flagship mobiles. This mobile is also very suitable for those who do not like big mobiles. Its hand feel is very smooth. The mobile Xioami Mi 12 version of Pro has been launched and it is hoped that the Ultra version will be launched in a month or two.

Xiaomi 12 release date

31 Dec 2021 was the release date of Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 Ram and Rom

This mobile comes in two variants
No 1 Variant
8 GB Ram 128 GB Rom
No 2 variant
12 GB Ram 256 GB Rom
You cannot use the memory card on this mobile. Because there is no memory card option inside this mobile.

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Xiaomi 12 display size

The display size of this mobile is 6.2 inches. If we talk about its display quality then it comes with a mobile AMOLED display with a 120-hertz display and this mobile is a Curve from both sides. This mobile has a 12-bit display which can show more color than other mobiles. 1440 x 3200 Pixels resolition.

Xiaomi 12 Build

The body of this mobile is made of metal. The backside of this mobile is made of glazed glass which is very beautiful. Fingerprints do not appear on the backside of this mobile. This mobile also comes with back leather.

Xiaomi 12 Processor

CPU: Octa-Core                                                  Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1                        GPU: Adreno 730


Android Version: OS 12

Gaming Performance                                      The gaming setting in this mobile is Smooth and Xtreme and 60 fx games can be played on this mobile.

Xiaomi 12 camera

The front camera – 32 megapixels           

The front camera is detailed but I feel it shows a hazy effect. I don’t know what is the reason behind it. The mobile temperature rises during gameplay.

Main camera

Quad camera setup. The main camera sensor is 50 megapixels.
5-megapixel tele macro lens which is a good quality of the macro camera.
One camera is ultra-wide.
Below the light of this camera, one sensor is used to remove the flicker of light. This is a decent thing. It is a very detailed camera.
Xiaomi 12 camera result is very much decent.

This mobile supports 8k video recording.

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Antutu score of Xiaomi 12
Xiaomi claims its antutu score is one million-plus

Xiaomi 12 weight
This mobile is very lightweight its weight is 184 grams which is a very good weight.
If we use a silicon case then its weight is almost 200 grams.

Xiaomi 12 Battery and charger

This mobile battery is 4500 mah.
This mobile comes with a 67-watt charger and 5-Ampere data cable which is very good in quality. This mobile has Type C charging.

Xiaomi 12 sound speaker

Harmoney-Cardon type speakers. One speaker jack built-in upper side and one speaker jack built-in lower side.

Xiaomi 12 is value for money or not?


This mobile uses display technology is AMOLED which is also a very good display. The display of mobile is curved which is a good feature.

The size of the display is a bit small and the hand feel of this mobile is also very good.

The processor used in this mobile is very powerful which is Snapdragon 8 gen 1.

The result of the mobile camera is very good. The backroom is 50MP and the front is 32MP.

It is very good in terms of mobile specifications but very expensive in terms of price.

If you are a normal user, don’t buy this mobile. If you like this mobile very much, you can buy it.

Xiaomi 12 Specs

Display AMOLED

6.2 inches

Main Camera 50 MP
Front Camera 32MP
Ram 8GB/12GB
Rom 128GB/256GB
Processor 3.09 GHz Octa-Core/

Snapdragon 8 gen 1

Battery 4500mah




109,999 RS


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