Strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

Strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022
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Discover the 7 wonders hidden in space and strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022. Science has made discoveries in 2021 that make our hair stand on end. Trying to figure out what science has discovered and the strangest things you’re going to see in space. The closer we look at space, the more beautiful it is, and wonder who reveals secrets to humans.
In the veil of the universe, millions of kilometers away from man, what are the wonders of such a thing that so much curiosity will force a man to go so far that scientists did not anticipate before and man has spent trillions of dollars to discover the secrets hidden in the universe and to understand the universe.
In this topic, talk about the strange and strange-looking wonders in space millions of kilometers away from the man. We will talk about the wonders that exist thousands of light-years away from man which human beings have not seen before. These debates in space have been captured by the Hubble Telescope and all the international space agencies except NASA are trying to understand the world and unravel its hidden secrets.


James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope is a telescope that can tell us where our earth originated and the first galaxy.
Construction of the James Webb Space Telescope began in 1996 and was scheduled to launch in 2007, and why it has not been launched yet, and why it was launched in 2021.

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James Webb Space Telescope and how does it work


The next mission (Parker Solar Probe) of NASA related to the Day Of Judgment and trying to touch the sun

NASA scientists are trying to prevent doomsday by challenging nature and have launched a mission called dot in space for this purpose. So that the earth can be protected from the dangers posed by different planets. There are many NASA missions that are only working on doomsday signs.

Parker Solar Probe

7 wonders hidden in space and strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope

1: SupernovaStrange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

The marvel that scientists found is a supernova, and it’s a supernova in the shape of a pack-pan character, with a cluster of stars in front of it that looks like it’s going to be eaten. In the same way, it seems that this supernova will also eat these stars.
A supernova is a process of the explosion of a star 10 times larger than the Sun. All-stars have an age, they are born young and die.
Stars are trillions of years old and then when they die they burst and turn into gases. These collections of gases are called supernovas. The supernova is 163,000 light-years from our Milky Way galaxy.


2: Jellyfish Galaxy ClusterStrange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

Jellyfish-shaped galaxy cluster. The secrets hidden in the universe will amaze you. One of them is one of the most complex and incomprehensible secrets.
This is called a jellyfish galaxy cluster, and a galaxy cluster contains millions of galaxies.
And it’s not that millions upon millions of galaxies coincidentally come together in one place, but that millions upon millions of galaxies are interconnected and that they come together in one place because of gravity. In the small solar system, no planet moves except in its own orbit, and scientists have been amazed to see this strange cluster of stars. Looking at this view, scientists are thinking that some kind of life is inhabited here, and looking at this system, one or the other hint will definitely be found.
Scientists are thinking that if it was just a matter of the earth, then why did Allah need to create all these things? Meaning there is life here.

3: Great Eye Of The BullStrange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

A planet orbiting three different planets at the same time It was a 2020 discovery that shook the foundations of many theories of scientists. Earlier it was thought that a star revolved around the same star in its same orbit and that was the center of its rotation. But since the discovery of the planet, scientists have been forced to change their minds.
This new system of star rotation is called the GW Orient System and is 1300 light-years from Earth.

4: Messier 87Strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

Fifty-five light-years from Earth is a galaxy called Messier 87. Scientists have found a giant black hole in this galaxy that is 6.5 billion times larger than our Sun. That is, if there are 6.5 billion suns the size of our sun, then it can digest all these suns and if one sun gives so much heat here, then how much heat will the 6.5 billion suns produce and it will digest all of them. It could be such a big black hole.
Such large black holes are called supermassive black holes. The resulting dark energy and magnetic field extend a distance of 3300 light-years.
In view of all this, scientists have asked Islam to ask Jews and Christians for help on what you call angels or demons.


5: Security BarrierStrange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 2022

At the center of our galaxy is an invisible security barrier and scientists do not yet understand why and for what purpose this barrier is there. All that is known is that its purpose is to prevent other creatures from reaching the center of space. or is it just another miracle of nature that scientists are working on? This is a big and confusing problem for scientists. As Muslims, we believe that there are angels in the sky. Maybe it is a system made by angels. Cosmic rays come and go from within the universe and cosmic rays travel at the speed of light.
When scientists tried to measure cosmic rays at the center of our galaxy, they realized that there was an invisible protective barrier that prevents these rays from entering the center of the galaxy. Now they are assuming that there is a system that prevents these rays from entering or that there is a magnetic field that prevents these rays from entering here.


6: Build galaxies

Strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 202211,000 billion light-years from Earth is a cosmic region where galaxies are formed. Just as we build cars and buildings on earth, so there are areas in the universe where God is building galaxies. Galaxies are forming in this area of ​​nature. When scientists discovered this area, eleven galaxies were forming in it.
That is, it is astonishing that the universe is 13.3 billion years old and this region is 3 billion years old. Earlier it was believed that galaxies were formed by the eruption of the Big Bang but now it has been discovered that galaxies form regularly and this does not happen everywhere but there are certain areas where galaxies come into being. Scientists are now perplexed and wondering what is happening and as Allama Iqbal had said in his poem which is translated as something like stars are being formed ie the universe is still incomplete and something is being formed all the time. Scientists are also puzzled as to how Allama Iqbal came to know so long ago when space researchers did not make much progress.


7: Magnetic Field

Strange discoveries by Hubble Telescope in Space in 20221000 light-years away is a long magnetic field around the solar system that encircles the entire solar system. This magnetic field is connected like a tunnel and spreads in an orderly manner around the solar system.
Scientists do not have any specific information about this magnetic field, but it is possible that Allah Almighty created it to protect our solar system. There may be some space creatures that have the power to destroy the earth and this magnetic field was created to protect the solar system from these creatures.


Space Creature

Scientists are now searching for other space creatures to find out if there are any other space creatures that are more advanced than we or we may not be the most advanced.
Scientists have contacted a Muslim scholar, Qari Qasim Sahib, and also a Christian pastor. They have contacted a Jewish scholar to tell us what your religion says about it. Scientists have received signals and said that it is not necessary to have any aliens there, any traces of creatures can be there.

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