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stomach ulcer
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A gastric or peptic ulcer is the most common ulcer and it is most common in young people. Stomach ulcers form in the body only in areas where acid is present. Patients with gastric ulcers also consider themselves to be suffering from indigestion. The most dangerous thing is that the symptoms of this disease appear at the end instead of the beginning. Friends, there are many causes of stomach ulcers and by staying away from these things we can avoid ulcers.

Cause of Stomach ulcers

People who are overweight and obese as they get older are more likely to have gastric ulcers. One of the biggest causes of stomach ulcers is that bacteria called H Pylori, if it gets into your stomach, it causes stomach ulcers.

  • Medicines used for pain in body parts are another major cause of gastric ulcers.

    stomach ulcer

  • Low intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet can also be a major cause of ulcers.
  • too much salty food can also cause stomach ulcers.
  • Stomach ulcers can also be inherited. This means that if one member of the family suffers from this disease, other members of the family may also develop this problem.
  • The prolonged presence of gas or acid in the stomach or inflammation of the stomach is also a major cause of this disease.
  • Excessive smoking can be a major cause of stomach ulcers.

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A major symptom of gastric ulcer is severe pain in the upper abdomen. According to this research, it can happen anywhere in the upper part. Some people think that it is contracted or in the small intestine. The pain is usually between the chest bone and the navel. There is also a feeling of burning, itching, or lethargy. This condition is tolerable at first but unbearable due to the growth of ulcers.

  1. Another major cause of ulcers is nausea. According to experts, the nature of the substance indigestion changes due to ulcers. And because of this, the heart becomes restless and this condition occurs especially in the morning. Because ulcers make it very difficult to digest food.
  2. If the ulcer starts to grow over time, it becomes a state of vomiting from a state of nausea. According to medical experts, in such a situation, various drugs such as aspirin should be avoided because their use increases the risk of worsening the condition of the ulcer.
  3. Bleeding in the urine in the bathroom can cause various medical problems. But if this symptom is accompanied by pain in the upper abdomen, then it is a very big symptom of an ulcer. If anyone has any complaints, they should see a doctor immediately.
  4. Severe heartburn is also a major symptom of a  stomach ulcer. Many ulcer patients suffer from severe stomach pain. This causes hiccups after eating.
  5. Most ulcer patients have a complete loss of appetite. As a result, there is a reduction in food intake. And vomiting becomes more frequent and weight begins to decrease over time.
  6. Ulcers lose their appetite, but sometimes the pain between the stomach and navel is what most people think of as hunger. And if the pain subsides after eating anything, it could be a sign of a stomach ulcer.
  7. If you feel that your stomach is too bloated, this may be a much worse problem than a gas problem. Rather, it could be a great sign of an ulcer. This is usually one of the earliest symptoms of an ulcer, especially in people who have frequent abdominal pain

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Stomach ulcer pain location

  1. Stomach ulcers also cause severe back pain. If the ulcer reaches the wall of the intestines, the pain is very severe.

Foods to avoid with ulcers and gastritis

  1. Alcohol

All types of alcohol are stomach irritants. Drinking alcohol makes the ulcer worse.

Deep-fried foods 

Avoid all kinds of deep-fried foods. Deep-fried foods decrease your stomach emptying and increase pain and discomfort.


Avoid tea, coffee, and caffeinated sodas. Coffee increases acid production and worsens the ulcer.

High-fat food 

Fatty foods take a longer time to digest. It can lead to an increase in stomach pain and bloating.

Citrus foods 

Avoid citrus foods such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, tomato, etc. As they have acidic properties which aggregate acid production and worsen the ulcer.


Real chocolate has many health benefits. But chocolate also worsens the ulcer by increasing acid production.

Salty foods 

Salty foods increase the growth of H Pylori bacteria. H Pylori is a bacteria responsible for most stomach and peptic ulcers.


Milk is slightly acidic. But drinking two glasses of cold milk per day is not bad.

Spicy foods :

Spicy foods play a major role in worsening ulcers. So avoid all the spicy foods.

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Treatment stomach ulcer

what is the fastest way to cure a stomach ulcer?


  • Big cardamom
  • Fennel seeds
  • Book grain
  • Basil seeds


Put large cardamom, fennel, and book grain in two cups of water. Then add a tablespoon of basil seeds. Boil it on a low flame for five to ten minutes.

How to use

Filter it thoroughly and use it after every meal. Use it regularly for at least one month to get rid of it.

Benefits of this remedy

It not only helps you to cure stomach ulcers but is also beneficial for any type of ulcer in the body. It cleans your body from harmful compounds and detoxifies them.

remedy to relieve stomach ulcer



  • Fennel seeds
  • Cardamom
  • Cumin seeds
  • Dry mint leaves


Put all these things in a grinder and grind well so that it becomes a powder.

How to use

Take half a teaspoon of this powder before breakfast and half a teaspoon before dinner. Use this for at least two weeks for better results.

Benefits of this remedy

Health is a great blessing of God. We have to take care of it by using different remedies. This remedy will help you to reduce stomach ulcer and makes your stomach more strong and healthy.

Best Foods To Sooth Stomach Ulcer


Vitamin U present in cabbage is the factor that can heal the ulcer.


Radish contains fiber that aids in digestion and absorbs zinc and other minerals.


Contains sulforaphane Which helps in fighting the helicobacter pylori bacteria.


Contains flavonoids that inhibit the growth of helicobacter pylori.


Contains probiotics, lactobacillus, and acidophilus that help in treating stomach ulcers.


Vitamin A in carrots helps in warding off stomach ulcers, gastric inflammation, or indigestion.


Broccoli: Contains sulforaphane that can eliminate the bacteria which causes stomach ulcers.


Honey inhibits bacterial growth and relieves a stomach ulcer.


Rich source of antioxidants and nutrients which help in improving your immune system.

Olive oil 

Contains phenols that act as an anti-bacterial agent, which prevents helicobacter pylori.

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