Upgrade Version of Coronavirus COVID-19 (Omicron)

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The new variant of coronavirus

The news that we have brought to you today is not good news but you need to know about it and try to follow all the precautions

all the international media are now reporting that the world could be in the grip of a new wave of coronavirus which could prove to be much more dangerous than before. to date, most cases have been reported in many parts of the world, including South Africa. and the important thing about this discovery in Africa is that this virus is changing the structure of your genes a lot. that’s why scientists continue to call the virus dangerous and frightening. for this reason, scientists continue to call this virus dangerous and frightening, and some even believe that it is the most dangerous virus of all time


and in this regard, South Africa’s epidemiologist, professor Tulio de Oliveira, said: “This new variant of the corona has surprised us to such an extent that it has changed. according to him, a total of 50 genetic mutations have been observed in this new variant. it contains more than 30 genetic mutations in specific spike proteins and those targeted by the vaccine

Examination of this new type of virus


examination of the virus revealed that the part of it that affects the human body also has ten genetic mutations on its surf

significantly, a person recently affected by a new wave of corona had two genetic mutations. from this, you can guess what the catastrophe could have been if it had spread because this person had only 2 genetic mutations and he had caused havoc in India.

so, god forbid, if the covid virus with ten genetic mutations spreads, what will be the catastrophe? last year, a new case of coronavirus was first reported in Africa. it was later renamed the beta variant by the who it is said that it spreads rapidly from person to person and even vaccinators are not immune. the virus has not yet been named but has been given a number

of scientists in South Africa have dubbed the type of new coronavirus b1 b529 local


about this new variant of the corona


this raises the question of how fast this new strain of the virus can spread and how strong it is against the coronavirus vaccine

an important question is where the new virus came from in Africa. only 24% of the population has been vaccinated, and the virus affects people in Europe, which has the highest number of vaccinators

now the most important question is what is the cure for this new type of corona. despite all the concerns about the new strain of corona, scientists do not have the answers to these questions

where did this new type of corona case come


So far, there have been dozens of cases of this new type of coronavirus, most of them in the south African province of Gauteng, but a few have been reported ab

four cases have been reported in the African country of Botswana, while one case has also been discovered in hong kong. the patient is said to have been traveling from South Africa, so the concern is being expressed

by now, however, different types of corona have emerged, and the world health organization has named them alpha and delta variants

but some scientists say that genetic mutations in the virus are not always dangerous, but it is important to know what changes have taken place in the virus.  some changes seemed to be dangerous, but they did not happen

The real concern about corona


The real concern is that the new strain of the coronavirus is significantly different from the first strain, which was first discovered in Wuhan, China. the coronavirus vaccine was developed after the first virus test, so its effect on the new virus is minimal. not only are all the mutations in this new strain of the coronavirus astonishing, but some structural changes have been present in the earlier viruses that have helped keep the virus at b

there is also a change in the body’s defense mechanism that makes it difficult to identify the virus, making the coronavirus vaccine less effective.


How dangerous is this virus?

This new type comes at a time when sanctions are being reconsidered in view of the threat of a fourth wave of the Corona in Europe. The World Health Organization has warned that Europe is becoming a center of the Covid virus.
According to Hans Clock, head of the World Health Organization, the virus could cause up to five million more deaths by February.
Now that November is over, there could be half a million deaths in Europe alone in the two months of December and January. Guess how dangerous this virus can be.

British Hills security officials have imposed travel bans on six African countries in which South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Eswatini,. Botswana,. and Lesotho.
Jenny Harris, of the UK’s Hills Security System, said the new strain of corona seemed more dangerous than ever and urgently needed urgent research to find out how fast the virus could spread and how dangerous it was.

BBC Report

According to a BBC report, scientists have said that with the emergence of a new type of corona, there are growing fears that all attempts against COVID-19 have proved insufficient.


The situation in Europe with regard to the coronavirus (Covid-19)

The number of victims in Europe has risen by 55% in the last four weeks, despite the large supply of coronavirus vaccines and equipment.
In this regard, Dr. Mike Ryan says that the situation in Europe could be dangerous for the world. In view of this concern, the European Union’s drug watchdog has allowed children to be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, which could be given to children between the ages of five and 11.


China advance alert

China had recently announced that you should buy rations for six months and in addition, China had deployed its army at the stores so that no one would be intimidated. Just buy rations for six months.
At that time people did not understand why China was doing this but China knew that the situation could get worse and now the whole world was going to close. The new variant of Corona that has just come out has started shutting down the whole world. The busiest is at the airport in South Africa. People were going to their homes But all these overbookings had to be canceled due to Omicron and everything is shutting down.
South Africa also objected that our country should not be closed so soon if this virus spreads then we will go to lockdown and consider it as the fourth wave of Corona. The coronavirus in Pakistan has spread to almost all parts of the world in Israel, Germany, Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

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