How to make your hair shiny,strong and long and causes of rough hairs

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Hair’s Causes of dull and rough hair


Hair loss is a very common problem and if left unchecked it can lead to baldness. And if it lasted for a long time, it would be difficult to overcome. We need to know the real cause of hair loss and what are the things that weaken our hair and cause hair problems?


The biggest cause of hair loss is not using our good diet. Whenever we ate more junk food, Instead of things that maintain the number of minerals in the body. In that case, the Nutrient deficiency would be in your body. This not only weakens your hair but also breaks it.


Another big reason for hair fall is that whenever you eat less protein, your hair will look lifeless. At the same time, the problem of graying hair at an early age would be more


Treatment for becoming thick, long, and shiny hairs


As we all know, protein foods are the best food for our hair. And those who include protein in their diet, their hair does not turn white quickly and they do not experience hair loss. So people who are facing hair problems and even after using different medicines there is no significant benefit.

One of the best sources to get protein is eggs. The egg is full of a huge amount of proteins naturally. Because they help to keep hair thick and long and fine by eliminating protein deficiency. That’s why you must eat at least one egg daily for breakfast.

Milk is not only good for strengthening bones but also helps to make up for the lack of various nutrients in the body.

Also use Meat, Fish, and yogurt. These are all things that are perfect for supplementing all protein deficiencies and keeping hair strong and shiny.

In such a situation with things to be applied from the outside, To strengthen and strengthen the hair from the inside out effective things also need to be eaten so the best hair can be obtained by removing the weakness of hair naturally.

Onion juice is also a good treatment for damaged hairs. Onions also have antibacterial properties which help eliminate the bacteria in our scalp.

Fenugreek seeds have been used since ancient times. Because it contains all the essential nutrients and proteins for hair.

Amla is one of the best things to get rid of all the diseases associated with our hair. Vitamin C deficiency causes hair loss and the amla strengthens the hair by making up for this deficiency.

Licorice is also a good way to strengthen our hair and to remove the weakness and various diseases associated with dryness and scalpe.


1st Remedy






Fenugreek seeds

Dry Amla



  • Method


Take an onion and squeeze the juice. Put this juice in a bowl and then five tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, five tablespoons dry amla, and by adding seven to eight pieces of licorice. Put a cup and a half of water in it and soak it for two to three hours. Then boil for 15 to 20 minutes on low heat. You can then filter it and store it inside the bottle.

After that, the remedy will be ready.


How to use


To use this shampoo, mix a little bit of Shampoo in your homemade shampoo and apply it well on your hair, then wash your hair thoroughly with clean water.


Benefits of this remedy


Using this shampoo will not only stop hair loss but also increase hair growth. And with the strengthening of hair, it is possible to get rid of graying hair at an early age.

If you use this shampoo for one to one and a half weeks, you will be able to get rid of hair loss.


2nd remedy






Olive oil


  • Method


Take a cup of yogurt and add an egg to it and mix these two things well in a blender. put this mixture in a bowl. And put three to four tablespoons of olive oil in it and mix it well so that all these things come together. And keep it at room temperature for fifteen to twenty minutes. And use it all at once.

After that, the remedy will be ready


How to use

Apply it well on clean and dry hair and leave the mixture on your hairs for an hour and after one hour when it is dry, wash it thoroughly with any good shampoo and clean water.


Benefits of this remedy


Eggs and yogurt are the best food for your hair. They not only make your hair thicker and longer but also help to keep it extremely shiny. They make up for the lack of all the proteins and minerals naturally present in the hair and give life to your lifeless hairs.


3rd remedy



Ginger juice
Coconut oil
Corn flour



Soak a cup of rice in water and then boil it after 15 minutes. Grind the boiled rice in a grinder to make it more creamy. Add half a cup of yogurt to it. Then grind them well. After grinding, take them out in a glass bowl and add two tablespoons of ginger juice. Then add coconut oil and two tablespoons of cornflour and mix well with a spoon.


How to use

Apply this mixture to your hair for up to an hour. And after an hour, the first thing to do is to take it out of your hair with your mild vinegar water. And then wash thoroughly with any good shampoo.


Benefits of this remedy

Just as this mixture is soft and smooth, so it will make your hair soft and smooth. This will make your hair grow and silky and will be able for finger comb. It is a natural hair conditioner that gives the hair a feeling of coolness.


4th remedy


Now we are going to make homemade Amla, Reetha and Shika kai shampoo.



Shika kai
Base shampoo




The water in which the amla is soaked should be taken out in a separate bowl. Reetha has to be soaked in water overnight and then boiled in the same water in the morning. Take out the water in which the reetha was soaked. Also, keep it cooked on low heat. Soak Shika kai overnight and take out its water in the morning. Keep cooking it for a long time and when it is cooked, cool it, put it in a blender and grind it.


How to use

Apply it evenly to your hair about half an hour before bathing. After half an hour, wash off this shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. And clean the hair thoroughly.


Benefits of this remedy

Amla is rich in natural nutrients that thicken your hair and darken it. There is no substitute for these three things in such a modern world. Even in today’s modern age, different companies must use these three things in their shampoo.



The best diet for shiny, strong, and long hair


Protein :

Protein is essential for our body, skin, and hair. They do the building block work in the body. They also help to create new tissues in the body and to correct the damaged tissues. And our hair is made up of about 80% protein. That is why due to lack of protein in the body, hair becomes thin and weak and starts falling out fast. Therefore, it is important to include protein in your diet for good hair growth. If you are a non-vegetarian, the best source of protein for you is egg white, fish, and chicken. Because they contain high amounts of protein as well as high-quality protein. If you are a vegetarian, add milk, cheese, and soybean to your diet.


Biotin :

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, Which helps to make our food energetic. At the same time, it is essential for the good health of our hair, nails, and skin. But biotin is a micronutrient so our body needs it in small amounts. People who consume more drugs and those who consume more raw eggs are more likely to be deficient in biotin. But different things can be eaten to make up for the lack of biotin in our body. Eggs, almonds, walnuts, milk, yogurt, and carrots are the best sources for this.


Iron :

Iron is one of the most important components of hemoglobin which helps in blood production. And Iron in particular delivers oxygen from our lungs to hair and various parts of the body. And that’s why women are deficient in iron in pregnancy and in periods. This can lead to rapid hair loss. The best way of iron for non-vegetarian is animal liver. But for vegetarians, spinach is the best source of iron and egg, watermelon, fish, chicken, beans, and pomegranate is the best source.


Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is essential for our skin and hair. Vitamin C strengthens hair roots. In addition, it helps the body absorb iron properly. If our body is deficient in Vitamin C then it will not be absorbed properly in our body even after eating iron-rich food. That’s why it’s important to include vitamin C in your diet for hair health. Amla, lemons, capsicum, guava, and oranges are rich in vitamin C.

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