How to prevent kidney stones and causes of kidney stone

prevent kidney stones
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Kidney stone causes

prevent kidney stones, Kidney stones, also known as renal calculus are hard, small masses of crystals that can form inside the kidneys, which are part of the urinary tract. The kidney has many jobs, and one crucial role is to filter the blood to remove waste in the form of urine that contains compounds, that consist of water, sodium, calcium, oxalate, potassium, phosphate, and uric acid. And sometimes the level of these particles increases and urine becomes too acidic which can lead the particles to bond together and crystalize. If it leaves unchecked, the crystals can grow in size with time and ultimately formed a kidney stone.

If you don’t drink much water and drink too much alcohol and become dihydrated.

If the food you eat that are high in crystal-forming like spinach, raw tomatoes. If you could eat those foods that give rise to this, there are many chances of having a kidney stone.

People who believe that it is hereditary, it’s not hereditary, it’s only because of some foods we use.



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Foods  that  cause  kidney  stones



Red  meat :

Red meat can be a major cause of kidney stones and kidney pain. It contains a lot of protein which produces stones. It also contains a lot of uric acids which causes joint diseases. Nitrogen compounds obtained from large quantities of meat become very difficult to digest. And they would start to accumulate in the form of kidney stones. Red meat is the most common cause of kidney stones and should be used sparingly.

Carbonated  drinks :

The biggest cause of kidney damage nowadays is the use of cold drinks. And over time, that is likely to change. And despite being aware of its disadvantages, people do not shy away from drinking it. Artificial flavors and sweeteners are used in these drinks, which cause kidney stones. In addition, high levels of phosphorus can lead to kidney failure. It is widely used in soda water and carbonated drinks. You too can use very little soda water to keep your kidneys healthy or give up altogether if possible.

Oxalate  foods :

Problems such as kidney stones can be caused by calcium oxalate food. When we often overeat oxalate foods, a large amount of it accumulates in our bodies. The accumulation in the kidneys can cause kidney stones and severe pain in it as well as make it difficult to treat. Eating too much the oxalate foods, such as eating spinach, beetroot, and eating okra can also cause kidney stones. Don’t overeat these foods but eat small amounts to avoid kidney stones.

Caffeine :

Caffeine-rich foods can be harmful to the body. Because it has a bad effect on our brain, Because the brain gets used to it and the pain caused by kidney stones becomes unbearable. In addition, high levels of caffeine can cause dehydration. And when the body is dehydrated, in addition to pain in the kidneys, stones also form.

Drinking and medicines :

The habit of drinking can completely destroy your kidneys. Most people suffer from this habit and its effect is very quick and rapid. And in a very short time, kidney failure has to face. You should avoid such habits completely and excessive use of medicine can lead to kidney stones.



What are the symptoms of kidney stones?



1 :   Severe pain in the kidneyprevent kidney stones

2 :   Nausea

3 :   Vomiting

4 :   Fever

5 :   Blood in urine

6 :   Radiating back pain

7 :   pink / red urine

Treatment  for  kidney  stones  removal

Kidney stone is a very painful situation in which almost the whole body feels restlessness. There are several ways to remove this stone medical and nonmedical. So first we should try to use natural and herbal treatments for kidney health.



1st  remedy  to  clear  up  kidney  stones









To make it, boil it in about one and a half glass of water on low heat for five to seven minutes. Then add about five to six pieces of ginger and cook well. Then strain it and add half a lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

How  to  use

Make it semi-warm to drink and drink it once a day after meals and use it continuously for about a week to get the best results.

Benefits  of  this  remedy

In it we have added ginger, which is used as an important ingredient in the removal of kidney stones. In addition, it helps cleanse the kidneys and flush out toxins. We also know that there are great things inside lemons to keep the kidneys clean, to prevent the formation of stones, and to get the stones out. And naturally, there are detox properties inside the honey that clean the kidneys.


      2nd  remedy  to  reduce  kidney  stone



                          Sharbat e bizoori
                          Arq e badiyan


Take a melon and after washing it thoroughly cut it into small pieces including its peel and seeds. Put the chopped pieces in a blender and add sharbat e bizoori and arq e badiyan in it. Mix it wet in a blender.

How  to  use

Drink one whole sip of this drink throughout the day. You have to finish it from breakfast to dinner. And as long as it’s a melon season, you must leave it for one day and use it.

Benefits  of  this  remedy

It has been shown to be extremely effective in removing kidney stones and is also very effective in eradicating any kidney-related disease. Melons naturally contain antibiotics which are the best natural cure for all kidney-related diseases.

Instant Remedies  To  Dissolve  Kidney  Stones



Lemon  water :

Lemon water is a very useful ingredient for keeping our kidneys healthy. It contains a lot of nutrients that will help break the stone into pieces and get it out. And don’t let it happen again. The habit of drinking lemon water maintains the number of essential vitamins in your body, especially in summer. It not only keeps your kidneys healthy but also cleanses your body. For this, you can squeeze lemon juice in a glass of water and use it once or twice a day and by using it regularly you can get rid of kidney stones.

Ginger :

Ginger is one of the best herbs to cleanse our kidneys and keep them safe from stones. It leaks out toxins from your body and cleanse your liver. Ginger contains antioxidants and natural compounds that can get rid of stones. To do this, put five to six pieces of ginger in a glass of water and cook them well for about seven minutes. Then sift it and drink it when it is cold. You will notice a noticeable change in kidney stones with regular use of it.

Black  seeds  drink :

Black seeds are used for a variety of ailments. It contains naturally occurring ingredients that can help eliminate kidney stones. For this, if black seeds drink is made and drunk, it is more effective. It helps for detoxification the kidneys and reduces the pain in the kidneys. To do this, boil five to seven black seeds thoroughly in a glass of water for 5 to 7 minutes and then strain it when it cools down. Drinking it once a day can make you notice a noticeable change in kidney stones.

Olive  oil :

Olive oil is traditionally used. It is an excellent natural remedy for keeping the kidneys healthy. If you use a mixture of olive oil and lemons, you will see better results. The citric acid in lemons plays an important role in breaking rocks. For this, you can use two tablespoons of lemon juice in two tablespoons of olive oil and you can see good results in kidney stones.

Apple  cider  vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar contains nutrients that can help you get rid of kidney stones. For this, you put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey in a cup of water. Use once a day for several consecutive days to get rid of kidney stones. Its use can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Drink  water :

Using water would be extremely beneficial for your health and your kidneys. It is very important to use about ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Water keeps your body hydrated as well as safe from kidney stones.

Pomegranate :

The chemical compounds in pomegranate help to get rid of the stones in your kidneys. They do not even allow stones to be created in the kidneys. You must use a pomegranate every morning on an empty stomach. Eating a pomegranate on an empty stomach is very useful for keeping your kidneys healthy. You will get more benefits if you use pomegranate juice. Not only does pomegranate save you from kidney stones but also its seeds are extremely beneficial for our health. That’s why you must use pomegranate every morning, including its seeds.

Beans :

Lentils and beans contain a lot of fiber. They are useful in removing the stones found in the kidneys and bladder. To make it, boil the beans well in water and when it becomes soft, use it once or twice a day. You can also get rid of kidney stones by using beans as a solid.

Coconut  water :

The use of coconut water is extremely beneficial for kidney stones. To do this, using coconut water once or twice a day is very helpful in getting rid of kidney stones. Coconut water helps break down kidney stones.

Radish :

Radish plays an important role in relieving your kidney stones. You can get rid of kidney stones by using radish daily in the form of salad. Also, if you use radish juice, it will help to eliminate kidney stones.

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