How to get rid of migraine and causes of migraine

how to get rid of migraine 
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Causes of migraine how to get rid of migraine


In this topic, we will discuss how to get rid of migraine headaches. Headaches can be tolerated for a short period of time and can be eliminated in a variety of ways. But if the head starts to ache repeatedly and for a long time, it can take the form of a migraine. Migraine is a very serious and dangerous disease, And it grows over time. But treating it is a very complex task. Migraine pain can have more than one cause and varies from person to person. Migraine headaches are severe and persistent.

Migraine is a disease that is transmitted to many people genetically.

Taking over medicine in such a problem makes our brain addicted to it and this problem cannot be got rid to get rid of migraine 

Excessive consumption of chocolate and alcohol may cause migraines.

Excessive sleep deprivation can also causes migraine.

The most common cause of migraine is neck muscle weakness.

When you use mobile too much, you get stiff neck muscles and therefore you may have migraine.

There are chemicals in our brain that control our emotions, feelings and also control our happiness and sorrow which is called serotonin, But if this balance is disturbed, we may have a migraine.

High cholesterol can also cause migraines.


Treatment for how to get rid of migraine

People who are worried about how to get rid of migraine head should follow its treatment.

Migraine is very serious and severe pain and we need to use medicine very carefully to get rid of it.

Get rid of migraine problems by using different and simple home remedies.

Peppermint oil relaxes our brain and relieves the onset of pain.

The use of almonds, walnuts, and linseed relieves the problem of migraine.

If you have a cold or flu or your nasal bone is enlarged you may also have a problem with migraine.

Any bone problem can cause you to have a migraine.

how to get rid of migraine 

1st Remedy for how to get rid of migraine



Almond Oil
Rose Water
Peppermint Oil
Sandalwood powder




First of all, put five to six drops of peppermint oil in almond oil and massage it on your head and forehead for five to ten minutes. Add sandalwood powder in a bowl, add two tablespoons of rose, seven to eight drops of peppermint oil and mix them well.


How To Use This Remedy


To get rid of migraine pain, use sandalwood powder paste. Before going to bed at night, make it mandatory for 15 to 20 minutes after waking up in the morning.


Benefits Of This Treatment


Peppermint oil relaxes our brain and relieves the onset of pain. Sandalwood powder has been used since ancient times to treat various ailments. It cools our brain.



2nd Remedy for how to get rid of migraine



Fennel Seed
Cumin seed




Grind cumin and fennel well in a grinder. After grinding these two ingredients, place them in an airtight container.


How To Use This Remedy


Fifteen minutes after breakfast, take half tsp of this powder with water. In the same way, you have this fifteen minutes after dinner.


Benefits Of This Remedy


Combining the two is one of the best benefits of eating. It provides relaxation to our mind and helps us to get rid of migraine.


3rd Remedy for how to get rid of migraine


Migraines can also be treated with certain foods. So now we are going to make a mixture, which we can eat during migraine.








Soak seven to eight almonds and walnuts in water overnight. The next morning you can peel them and use them on an empty stomach or after eating. And eat linseed after lunch.


How To Use This Remedy


Use these three things at the best of times to get rid of the migraine. The best time to eat it is to get up in the morning and eat on an empty stomach. At that time your body is very relaxed and it can have a great effect on your migraine.


Benefits Of This Remedy


Almonds, walnuts, and linseed contain fatty acids, Which would have a direct effect on our brain. But we also need to use it properly to achieve good and lasting results.


4th Remedy for how to get rid of migraine




Fennel Seed




Take two glasses of water and put all these ingredients in it. Then boil it on low flame for five minutes. Take it off when it boiled well.


How To Use This Remedy


When it is well cooked, put it in a bowl and let it cool. Shake well before drinking. Drink it in a glass at night before going to bed. Use it for at least a week.


Benefits Of This Remedy


Violet flowers are very good if found, otherwise, their stems are also very useful. Fennel is also very useful for headaches, especially migraine. It helps you to feel better after a few minutes.


5th Remedy for how to get rid of migraine



Pomegranate Flowers
Ginger powder
Star anise




Now you have to boil all these ingredients ie pomegranate flower, cinnamon powder, and the other ingredients in two glasses of water till one glass is left.


How to get rid of migraine to use this Remedy


When cool, pour into a glass and use it twice a day. But remember to drink two glasses a day.


Benefits Of This Remedy


All the natural ingredients in this drink will help to get rid of any kind of pain in your head, Especially migraine. Ginger is the best way to get relief from headaches.

How to get rid of the headache and causes of headache


Best foods to get rid of migraine

Potato :

Potatoes are rich in potassium. Eating potassium-rich foods can help to alleviate migraine.


Watermelon :

Dehydration is a major cause of severe migraines. Watermelon is rich in water content, which is key in migraine prevention.


Almonds :

Magnesium found in almonds may protect your body from the burnt of migraine by relaxing blood vessels. Migraine sufferers also experience relief by Following a diet rich in magnesium.


Spinach :

Spinach has been shown to help decrease blood pressure, prevent hangovers, and may help to alleviate migraine.


Cucumber :

Made up of 97% water, cucumber is another vegetable that can help you stay hydrated and migraine-free.


Cherries :

Cherry contains compounds that convert to nitric oxide in the blood, may help protect against tension, headache, and migraines. This tasty fruit contains an array of polyphenol antioxidants shown to reduce inflammation, a contributing factor in migraine.


Pumpkin seeds :

Magnesium which is found in abundance in pumpkin seeds may ward off head pain by relaxing blood vessels


Salmon :

Oily fish like salmon contain healthy omega 3s that protect against migraine.


Coffee :

When a migraine strikes, a few cups of coffee helps relieve the pain. Coffee is effective at helping to shrink swollen blood vessels in the brain. It’s one of the key ingredients in over-the-counter migraine medicine.


Carrots and sweet potato :

Carrots and sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene and other nutrients. With anti-inflammatory properties that protect against migraine.

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