Top 10 Tips How to check Used iPhone Before Buying

How to check Used iPhone
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How to check Used iPhone before buying

If you are going to buy a used iPhone, there are a few things that you need to know so that you can buy a good quality iPhone at a reasonable price. After knowing the information provided here, you will be able to buy a good used iPhone.

How to Check iPhone Display and True Tone

Check the display carefully to make sure its corners are not lifted because if the iPhone has been locally repaired, the panel is not seated properly, and if the panel is lifted, so, don’t buy such a phone.

After that you have to open the Assistive Touch and rotate the Assistive Ball on the whole screen. If it misses somewhere or doesn’t work then it means there is a problem with the touch of the mobile.

After that, open the white wallpaper of the mobile and look carefully at the display of the mobile to see if there is any shade etc. inside it or there is no mark etc. on the edges of the mobile.

After that you have to go to the brightness option and there you should see the true tone option. If that option is available then it means original display and if that option is not then it means that the panel has been changed.

You should must check WiFi and Bluetooth

You have to connect iPhone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to check if it is working or not because it is also a very expensive repair. After that you have to match the IMEI number with SIM tray by dialing *#06# The IMEI number is also given on the SIM tray of the iPhone.

Must check some little things
You have to check the signals by inserting the SIM inside the phone and after that you have to check the microphone and speaker batch by connecting the call and after that you have to check it well by playing the multimedia file.

How to check iPhone Water Damaged

Older iPhones are usually not water-packed. If a dealer claims that this iPhone is a water-packed iPhone, it must also be checked by removing the SIM tray of the mobile phone and placing your mouth on it and the pressure is created by blowing, if the air comes out, it means that the iPhone is not water-packed

Face ID and True Tone Checking

Be sure to check True Tone and Face ID before buying an iPhone. If these two things are disabled, the price of the phone drops drastically.

How to check Accessory Part Replacement And Board Repair Checking Or Internal Checking

After the physical check, it is necessary to check that the board repair work of the iPhone has not been done and no part has been replaced.

A laptop will also be required to check these things, first of all a software will have to be installed inside it called 3U and it can be downloaded and installed easily. This software will tell you all the information about the internal parts of the mobile.

After installing the 3U software, open it and then attach the lightning cable to the iPhone. If the trusted option comes, then it has to be OK, otherwise it will connect automatically.

iPhone Diagnostic Test

After connecting, all the information of the iPhone will appear in front of you, it will also tell the model of the iPhone and its color. If the color of your mobile is different, it means that the back side has been changed.

This software will tell the version of the mobile and its production date and also the region which region the mobile belongs to and will also give information about the battery health.

If you want to see the deep report then the view verification report option will be visible in this software by clicking on it you can see more information here an item list is given followed by its factory value an after its current value is given.

The results of the items whose values ​​do not match will be different. If there is any problem with the iPhone display or the battery has been changed or any part has been changed then this software will give you all the information about it.

This software can also save you money and save you from buying a damage iPhone.

Check iPhone Battery Health and how to Check Battery Quality

In three U-tools, you have seen whether the battery has been changed or not and you have also seen the health, but you also have to confirm whether the battery is good or not, which is called the battery with iCloud, the battery is installed, then no problem.

To check the battery quality, open your iPhone’s camera and hold down the click button and take a burst of 300 to 400 photos. If the iPhone battery drops to 2% at that time, then the battery is good, if the battery drops to 7 or 8 %, then do not buy this iPhone.

If the battery health is less than 80%, then don’t buy such an iPhone and if the battery health is more than 80, up to 90 or up to 95%, then it is a very good thing.

Difference Between iCloud Unlocked iPhone and iCloud Bypass iPhone

Nowadays, iPhones with iCloud lock and iCloud bypass are also available in the market, but experts are of the opinion that such iPhones should not be bought.

These iPhones are available very cheaply, but iPhones with iCloud lock are completely useless, their parts can only be used as accessories, otherwise they are of no use.

In android mobile if you forget your Google ID then it can be recovered but Apple ID cannot be arrested so there is a solution in the market so such an iPhone is bypassed.

When iCloud is bypassed, the sim in it often stops working, if it does work, the problem reappears after restoring or updating the mobile.

Difference Between Factory Unlocked iPhone, Software Unlocked iPhone And JV iPhone

Factory Unlocked iPhones are made by Apple and wherever you take this mobile, if any country’s SIM is inserted, it starts working, These are factory unlocked iphones.

In Europe and the US, iPhones are locked with a SIM card, so the SIM that is inserted into them takes its contract, and no other SIM will work inside the iPhone.

But there is a solution for this in the market, so the other SIM starts working in these mobile phones too, but when the mobile is restored, the SIM stops working, These are software unlock iphones.

JV iPhone and software unlocked iPhones are almost the same, JV iPhone has a chip installed inside the SIM tray and then inserted into the SIM tray, the SIM starts working, These are JV iphones. Sometimes network signal problem occurs in JV iPhone sometimes there is no internet connection then these types of problems are seen.

General Information

If you go to buy an iPhone from a mobile shop, make a receipt for the guarantee given by the shopkeeper and keep it with you. If you buy a used iPhone online like a deal on OLX, then when you go to pick up the mobile, you must go there and get a copy of the ID card from the guy so that later you can get some kind of proof. The problem does not occur.

Physical Overview Or External Checking

Check the iPhone from every angle and check its condition whether the iPhone is in fresh condition or in rough condition then check all the buttons including volume button power button and vibration alert button All buttons work or not.

Sometimes there is a transparent plastic sheet on the back side of the phone, so take it off and check the back side well to see if there are any scratches on it and if there is a protector glass on the front side,

then remove it and check the front panel thoroughly. The camera should also be checked thoroughly that there is no dust inside its glass.

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