Heart attack symptoms in women and how to avoid a heart attack

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
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Heart Attack Symptoms In Women


In this topic, We will discuss the heart attack symptoms in women and some habits which will help us to avoid a heart attack. Heart attacks in women are on the rise, just as diabetes and blood pressure are on the rise these days. If the symptoms of a heart attack are known before the onset of the disease, then the onset of the disease can be prevented. Dangerous symptoms begin to appear even before a heart attack. And if these symptoms are ignored, they can be life-threatening. Learn about some of the symptoms that can help you control the disease ahead of time.


Sudden onset of severe pain in and around the chest is the biggest symptom of each. Heart attack can tolerate the heart of a woman under the age of 30, but it cannot tolerate the heart of a woman over the age of 30.

Weakness and fatigue are usually caused by overwork. When such people work a lot, their body starts to ache due to fatigue. But even if you feel tired from not doing too much work, it could indicate a heart attack. Because before the onset of a heart attack, the body begins to feel very tired.Heart Attack Symptoms in Women


When there is no disease-related to breathe but still there is difficulty in breathing. So it also indicates a heart attack. Because of obstruction in the blood vessels, the Heart has to work very hard. Breathing problems begin when the body does not get the right amount of oxygen.

Drinking less water and sweating causes dehydration in the body. Running makes you feel very thirsty and sweat a lot but it is very good for your body. But if you want to drink more water even if you don’t run a lot, it indicates that you are going to have a heart attack. Because this problem occurs when the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases.

Increased heart rate indicates weakness of the heart. This can be very dangerous if ignored. Some people are very worried about this because the heart beats very fast but if you do not get your heart checked up in such a situation it can be very dangerous.

Sudden onset of visual impairment, and an increase in this weakness, also indicate a heart attack. Often this problem is caused by a lack of nutrients in the body but if your body is not lacking in nutrition and your eyesight is still deteriorating rapidly, you need to pay attention to your heart.

Neck pain is very common. Neck pain is caused by constantly keeping the neck in one position. Or it can be caused by stress in the neck and shoulders. But if the recurrent pain in the neck and shoulder persists, it could be a sign of heart failure. The shoulder pain caused by a heart attack is not in both shoulders but only in the left shoulder.

The cold or persistent cold of the hands and feet due to heart disease is also considered a common symptom. This happens when our heart’s ability to supply blood to the body is reduced.

Usually, when we run fast or do something, I start sweating. But if a person starts sweating a lot, especially when no hard work has been done. So it can be a sign of weakness of heart and heart attack.

Excessive exertion causes shortness of breath, but if you start breathing without doing any work, it is an indication of a heart attack.

When our heart provides less blood to the brain, it affects our brain. Lack of oxygen causes our brain to lose its ability to think and understand. And our memory is affected. Often such a situation is related to our heart attack.

Frequent or recurrent abdominal pain may also be a sign of heart attack, especially when the pain is in the upper abdomen. People will be very upset about this pain Because it is like normal abdominal pain.



How To Avoid A Heart Attack


If you also want to avoid each one then different kinds of good habits.


It is very important to exercise in this situation. Nowadays, in a busy life, it is very difficult to find time for exercise. Our diet is becoming more and more prone to the problem of a heart attack.

Also, keep your mind calm as too much tension can be a major cause of a heart attack.Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

According to research, citrus fruits have the ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol. All the fruits that have sourness in them do not allow the blockage to be in veins. Therefore, such citrus fruits should be included in your diet.

Recent research has shown that walnuts reinforce our arteries. You can’t have a heart attack because you eat two to three walnuts a day.

Don’t overlook the benefits of flax seeds if you are not aware of them. According to cardiology research, it contains all the nutrients that keep us safe from a heart attacks.

When it comes to a healthy heart, turmeric is one of the best because it gives strength to our hearts. Because it contains a curcumin compound that can protect you from various heart diseases.

All the research done on green tea has proved that it contains all the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to prevent heart disease. Therefore, people who drink green tea two to three times a day, Have a lower risk of a heart attack.

There are many benefits to eating cinnamon in different ways. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of a heart attack. Because it lowers LDL cholesterol and maintains HDL cholesterol to strengthen the heart.

The habit of eating a pomegranate, Help to keep us healthy all the time as well as keep our heart strong and eliminate the cholesterol that accumulates in arteries. So be sure to include this fruit in your diet.

Eating fish is considered to be the best for everyone and it contains omega 3 fatty acids, Which have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. According to research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, People who eat more fish are also protected from bad cholesterol levels and from heart attack risk.

Garlic is very good for your heart health. It also strengthens your heart and eliminates the blockage in your arteries to prevent heart attack. Therefore, to keep your heart strong, you can eat garlic pieces with a glass of water daily.

Olive oil is very good for your heart. Both antioxidants and polyphenols are essential for strengthening the heart and are found in olive oil.



Now We Will Discuss Some Exercises For How To Avoid A Heart Attack


Walking :

Walking should be an important part of your life because it not only increases your stamina but also helps you in losing fat. If you already have good walking or jogging then you must elevate your potential by running on stairs.


Skipping Ropes :

Skipping ropes every day for 5 minutes also prevents you from a heart attack and makes your heart more strong.

You must take 30 minutes of brisk activity in a day, Which leads to breathlessness. And if you have an orthopedic issue, You can swim. If you have an issue with your legs then you can take exercise with your arms.


Now Will Discuss Some Natural Home Remedies For How To Avoid Heart Attack


1st Remedy For How To Avoid Heart Attack

IngredientsHeart Attack Symptoms in Women

Rose Petals
Little Cardamom
Black Pepper




Take two roses and separate their petals and then add a little cardamom in it and also add charcoal pepper and put them in a sugar bowl and keep it in the fridge.


How To Use This Remedy


Take them on an empty stomach with a glass of lukewarm water before breakfast in the morning. You have to use it for at least one month.


Benefits Of This Remedy


This remedy contains all-natural ingredients which can help you to avoid a heart attack. There are no side effects of this remedy. Black pepper is very helpful for all heart issues and naturally eliminates the signs of a heart attack.

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