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food for dengue patients
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What is Dengue?

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes it is not transmitted directly from person to person. It is a seasonal disease.what is Dengue,symptoms,Food,Test

 Dengue Symptoms

  • Symptoms of dengue can be
  • Fever severe
  • Headache
  • Pain  behind the eyes
  • Red palms soleus muscle and joint pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • There may be bleeding from somewhere                                                                                                                                                                                  

NOTE: Consult your doctor if anyone has these symptoms

Dengue Test

There are four tests that can be done for dengue fever. But it is important to know which test to take and when.           Two tests can be done If a person starts having a fever in the first four days

  • Dengue virus PCR test
  • Ns1 antigen test                                                                                                                                                           

These two tests are necessary in the first four days of fever. Four days after the fever, these tests are definitely over.

  If it has been four days since the fever, other tests are necessary

  • IgG antibodies
  • IgM antibodies 

These are the antibodies that the human body produces to fight the dengue virus. These antibodies show that whether the body is infected or not.

Food for Dengue patient

The following diet tips will help you recover from dengue soon

Tip Number 1

It is important to take plenty of fluids during you have dengue fever take fluids throughout the day and apart from drinking plenty of water take other fluids like fruit juices lime water coconut water coca Amla Sabbath Jal-jeera homemade vegetable soups in case of severe dehydration the ORS preparation oral rehydration solution recommended by World Health Organization can also be consumed read the instructions on ORS packets to prepare an ideal solution.

Tip Number 2

Include foods rich in vitamin C helps in better and sooner recovery fresh orange sweet lime juice Amla Kivi guava are rich sources of vitamin C and will help in speedy recovery

Tip Number 3

Juice prepared from crushed papaya leaf extract is set to have properties that increase Platelet count though it has not been proven yet juice prepared from crushed papaya leaves can help you as it contains a lot of iron and other antioxidants you have to wash papaya leaves carefully before extracting juice have some lime juice and add black salt for tests and for better absorption for iron similarly wheatgrass juice can also be prepared and is also beneficial. just make sure that these juices are homemade and hygienically Prepared.

Tip Number 4

A diet rich in proteins are important for recovery and they will also restore all the muscles lost to regain your immunity and lost weight having chicken fresh eggs and other dairy products can help you battle the dengue fast if there is no appetite opt for chicken broth or soup vegetarians can have thick dalls well-cooked sprouts or sprouts pancake roasted dry fruits like almonds walnuts Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Tip number 5

Take herbal  tea with ginger lemongrass mint and Tulsi or basil leaves this medicinal preparation will rejuvenate you and will elevate the symptoms such as cough and cold if they are accompanying dengue fever

Tip Number 6

Most importantly have a soft and easily digestible diet take pureed and soft foods like Porridge sweet potato mash honey soft moong dal khichdi etc the food which is easily swallowed and digested should be preferred over oily and spicy food get adequate rest is equally important with diet to recover soon so follow these diet tips to recover faster.

How is Dengue spread?

The dengue virus did not spread to each other, nor did it spread by living together. It does not spread by touching. The dengue virus is spread only by mosquito bites. But it is rare chances to spread dengue from infected blood.

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