Causes of skin dryness and how to remove dryness from body

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Causes of skin dryness

Dryness is a common problem and in this condition, our moisture content would be less from which the thin layer of our skin would start coming out. We can easily see it on the skin of our hands, feet, and faces. Some people’s skin is always dry but some people feel their skin is dry in winter. Do you know the real reason for Dry skin? Because unless we understand our dry skin problem well and correct the mistakes we make in our routine life, Until then, we can’t get rid of the problem forever. So let’s discuss the mistakes that dry our skin.
Don’t consume the right amount of milk and water as our skin starts getting dry due to the lack of water and oil in our bodies. Because people whose skin is dry have less fat in their body and milk has been shown to be important in maintaining this fat amount. We must drink 10 to 12 glasses of water to maintain the balance.

Use the wrong face wash or soap to wash your face. Most of the soaps on the market are made from sodium and fat which is why they have alkaline properties. Extreme caution should be exercised when using any soap, facewash for those who have an adverse reaction against our skin. That’s why people with dry skin should use the best moisturizer soap.
You should always use lukewarm water for bathing. Some people use very hot water in cold weather and very cold water in hot weather. In fact, too much cold water loses its moisture, and too much hot water destroys the moisture in our skin.
Some people have a habit of taking long baths and being a believer. If this is your opinion then don’t do it. Because as long as you take bath or wash your face, the natural oil will come out of your body. This causes your skin to become dry.
People with dry skin should not use any type of toner as it reduces the amount of moisture in their skin.

Remove dryness from skin and Treatment for become smooth and moisturized skin

Coconut oil is great for keeping dry skin soft and supple and can also use almond oil which maintains the amount of moisture in your body.
In addition, the use of glycerin helps to keep the skin of the face and of the body soft and supple.
You can also use homemade remedies to remove dryness and keep your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.
Peanuts are one of the best gifts of nature and their oil can bring the best benefits to the body. Glycerine also keeps your skin soft.

1st Remedy


Peanut oil
Vitamin ( E ) oil


To make this remedy you have to add 3 tablespoons of peanut oil, 3 spoons of glycerine, and 2 vitamin E capsules.
Mix all these ingredients well with a dry spoon or finger.
After that, the remedy will be ready.

How to use

Thoroughly wash and dry your body parts to use this remedy. Then take 3 to 4 drops of this mixture and apply to your body with soft hands. You can apply this on your’s hands, feet, and under your eyes.
Massage with soft hands until absorbed into the skin.
Shake well before using the mixture.

Benefits of this remedy

This is a small remedy but this remedy will make your winter much easier. It helps to get rid of itching in your body in winter. But you should massage for at least five minutes. You will see a wonderful difference the first time.

2nd Remedy

People who tolerate egg odor should use the same remedy as egg protein is a great remedy for dehydration. Especially egg yolk has amazing benefits naturally.


Egg yolk
Vitamin ( E ) capsule


Put the egg yolk in a glass bowl and mix it well with a dry spoon until it becomes creamy. Then mix three vitamin E capsules well with it. Until it takes the form of a cream.

How to use

Apply this mixture thoroughly to the affected area before bathing. You can use it on your hands, feet, and any part of the body. Take a bath ten minutes after application and add two or three drops of any oil to the bathwater.

Benefits of this remedy
This is the remedy that can save you trouble in winter. This mixture is a rare gift for dry skin. The egg yolks contain protein in a huge quantity which helps to keep dry skin soft and supple.
In addition, Vitamin E Capsules also prove to be the best for your dryness by simply removing the dryness and keeping it extremely soft and shiny.


3rd remedy




Shea butter
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Almond oil
Vitamin E
Aloe vera gel



Now start to mix all these things. Mix all these things well as we mix things to make a cake. Now after that, whatever goes into it is vitamin E oil. It will become like a cream. In it we will put sea buckthorn oil. Mix it well. Now add aloe vera gel to it.


How to use

Wash your face or hands thoroughly with any good soap and dry with a towel. Then apply this paste on your skin with soft hands and massage it, So that it is absorbed into your skin.


Benefits of this remedy

Now it has become a smooth, glowing, and natural cream that can help your skin to look fresh. Not only for your face, but you can also use it on your whole body.


Best habits to remove dryness

Consuming the right amount of water and milk raises the question of what water and milk have to do with our skin. In fact, the dryness of our body is due to a lack of water and also due to a lack of oil in the skin. There are tiny holes in the skin beneath our skin pores to expel the oil, Which are constantly excreted to keep our skin moisturized. But for those whose skin is dry, there is only one reduction in life. It is very important to increase oil in the skin and milk is the best natural source for this. Their milk contains a variety of hormones and nutrients that help our bodies produce oil. That’s why people who have dry skin, should drink a glass of milk and at least twelve glasses of water a day.


Alcohol and artificial fragrances have the ability to absorb oil from our skin. This keeps the dry skin dry. Therefore, when taking any kind of skin product, be sure to read its ingredients so that it does not contain alcohol or artificial fragrance. Don’t buy such products.

Some people clean their face by rubbing too much after bathing or washing their face. Doing so can cause redness on our skin and wrinkles on dry skin anyway. Excessive pressure damages the upper layer of the skin. And it dries the skin, so clean the face with the help of light hands.

Most people do not know what a moisturizer is and why it is used. Some people do not know how to use it effectively according to their skin. Moisturizer maintains hydration in our body. People with all skin types can use it and you can use it on your hands, feet, and face.


Best remedies to get rid of dry skin


Aloe vera :

We can use aloe vera for dry and patchy skin. It helps to hold on to the moisture level of the skin. Just try to use fresh aloe vera gel on the skin. It also aids a person having psoriasis or eczema problem.


Almond oil :

By using almond oil, you can get smooth and supple skin. It also has the ability to improve skin tone and complexion. People having eczema skin conditions can also use this oil, it will be beneficial.


Glycerine :

Take one tbsp of glycerine and rose water. Now combine both together and apply on dry skin. Leave it for a few hours and If you feel tacky then rinse it after an hour. Use it once regularly.



It is made up of petroleum jelly and it is used to prevent water loss and lock the moisture level of the skin. The best use of this is an overnight treatment.


Juices :

You can make a face pack of juices like watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, apple and apply it on your dry skin to maintain its moisture level.


Multani Mitti :

For oily skin, Multani mitti is very beneficial, because it has the ability to absorb excess oil. On dry skin, Multani mitti soothes skin and gives cooling on dry and irritated skin.


Rosewater :

Take rose water and a cotton pad. Now, on a cotton pad take some rose water and use it gently on your face after cleansing it. Once it absorbs naturally, apply moisturizer on skin.


Milk powder face pack :

We can use milk to handle dry skin problems. It contains amino acids, healthy fats to keep our skin moisturized and smooth.


Avacado face pack :

To maintain healthy skin, the avocado pack is rich in oil. As it contains vitamin A and E and antioxidants.


Baking soda :

Need one tbs of baking soda and coconut oil and combine both to make a paste. By using the paste, massage this gently on the face and after 2-3 minutes wash it. Do this 2 times a week.

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