Anemia in pregnancy And Treatment for Anemia in Pregnancy

anemia in pregnancy
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Causes Of Anemia In Pregnancy


In today’s topic, we will discuss the causes of anemia in pregnancy and some of its symptoms before going towards the treatment for anemia in pregnancy. Anemia is very common in pregnant women. Anemia in pregnant women is usually due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in pregnant women is caused by premature birth or weak babies.

Anemia is caused when a woman does not have a proper birth interval.

Most women give birth to twins, which can also lead to anemia in pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a woman may face various conditions such as vomiting and vomiting may also cause anemia in the woman during pregnancy.

Low intake of foods rich in iron can also lead to anemia during pregnancy.

Losing the baby’s blood during pregnancy can lead to anemia during pregnancy.

Excessive menstruation before pregnancy can also lead to anemia during pregnancy.

Anemia has three main causes, Blood loss, Lack of red blood cell production, high rate of red blood cell destruction.

A diet that doesn’t have enough iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

A blood disorder such as thalassemia and cancer also causes anemia in pregnancy.

If you have not gotten enough nutrients in food or have excessive vomiting, There are more chances of anemia in pregnancy because in pregnancy you need more blood for your baby’s growth and for your own body.

A woman who has pregnancy and still she feeds to a child also causes anemia.

A disease that causes a lack of red blood cells in your body also leads to anemia during pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Anemia In Pregnancy


Pregnant women tend to feel tired and weak due to anemia.anemia in pregnancy

Anemia causes the whole body and especially the face to turn yellow. When hemoglobin is deficient in the body, the body turns yellow.

Hair loss is also an indication that you are anemic Because whenever your hair scalp has low blood circulation, it becomes very weak.

Feeling of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath while walking is also major symptom of anemia in pregnant women.

Whenever you are deficient in iron, oxygen can reach different parts of your body, which can lead to anemia along with shortness of breath.

Feeling faint after waking up suddenly, often feeling dizziness while working or walking, is also a sign of anemia in pregnant women.

Eating unhealthy things like eating mud is also a big sign of anemia in pregnant women.

You have to face the difficulty of concentration during anemia in pregnancy.

Chest pain is also a big symptom of anemia in pregnancy.

If your hands and feet are constantly cold then you have a threat of anemia in pregnancy.

Sudden onset of severe headaches during pregnancy is also a sign of anemia. Because of anemia, when your blood does not reach the brain, your brain becomes dry.


Treatment For Anemia In Pregnancy


Anemia is very dangerous and it badly affects our bodies. So it is important to find a solution or the best treatment for Anemia because it’s more harmful to a pregnant lady.

Before going to medicine, We should try to cure it with natural remedies and herbs.

Honey is worked as the best treatment for anemia in pregnancy.



1st Remedy And Treatment For Anemia In Pregnancy



Black seeds




To make it, first, make black seeds powder. Then put this powder in a glass of milk and put a spoonful of honey in it. After this, The remedy will be ready.


How To Use This Remedy

You can drink it one hour before lunch and at night before meals. Use this drink for two months to prevent anemia, And use in lukewarm milk.


Benefits Of This Remedy

In this, we have used Klonji which helps in eliminating anemia. And it also has the power to remove toxins from the liver. It has a huge amount of iron in it which can maintain the balance of hemoglobin and also maintain red blood cells in the body. Milk is full of natural compounds and benefits. It not only maintains blood balance but also makes your bones strong.



2nd Remedy And Treatment For Anemia In Pregnancy


Dried Grapes


Thoroughly clean the dried grapes and then take seven dried grapes, put them in water and boil for one or two minutes.

How To Use This Remedy

Now soak these dried grapes and get up in the morning on an empty stomach to drink this water and also eat grapes.

Benefits Of This Remedy

Drinking this water will remove all the impurities from your body whether it is in the liver, intestines, or kidneys. It will also work on their obesity and improve digestion. In addition, it will purify the blood and increase blood production.

Fruits and vegetables that make blood

 anemia in pregnancy


Dates are rich in vitamin C and vitamins which play an important role in the absorption of iron in your body. Weakness caused by blood in the body can also be avoided by diseases like fever and headache. Soak 5 to 7 dates in milk daily and get up in the morning to peel and drink milk at the same time. By doing this continuously for a month, you can make up for the lack of blood and also produce new red cells.



Beetroot is very useful for people suffering from anemia. Beetroot is rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.
It cleans the blood in your body and also improves the flow of oxygen. For this, you can drink a glass of beetroot juice daily and also eat beetroot in salads. It will also benefit you a lot. This helps to keep the lungs healthy as well as compensate for the anemia



Due to the good amount of iron in bananas, it maintains the hemoglobin level in the body. Bananas contain high levels of enzymes in blood-forming cells, as well as magnesium. Which helps maintain hemoglobin levels. For this, you should add three to four bananas to your daily diet. Eating them will help you to get rid of diseases like anemia.


Apples play a vital role in counteracting anemia. They are rich in iron and also contain essential nutrients. Apples also play an important role in increasing blood production. That is why it is important to include an apple in your daily diet. People with anemia must eat at least one apple a day.

Black seeds:

Kalonji (black seed) not only cures anemia but also protects against many dangerous diseases and it naturally contains nutrients that maintain hemoglobin levels in the body.
For this, you can eliminate iron deficiency by using a pinch of kalonji daily and increasing the production of healthy blood.


Pomegranates contain calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper and various vitamins, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important for the treatment of anemia. One hundred grams of pomegranate contains only 83 calories which makes a person active and energetic throughout the day. In addition, pomegranate helps a lot in maintaining the hemoglobin level in the body.


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