9 Signs of Jealous and Envy people

signs of jealous
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Mention other people

We will talk about signs of jealous people If a person is jealous, he will say such things in front of you. This man’s wife is very good, her husband is good. This person has a lot of money. This person has a Big Car. Someone who has had such a conversation with you. Remember that he is ungrateful. Because the person to whom Allah has given HE will be grateful. He doesn’t even have time to think about these things.

Sarcastic Smile

Always remember that the jealous person will have a sarcastic smile on his face. You will seem to be happy with your happiness. The person who is jealous of you will surely describe his deeds on the occasion of your happiness and success. For example, if you buy a new cell phone, it will say that I did have one and my sister or relative have a mobile phone like this. If your job is good, he will say that my job is better than yours. Mean to say that he will want to show he is better than you.

Mention Faults of other People and their thing

Remember that the person who does evil to others in front of you. That is, those who find fault with others. For example, if someone has taken a car, they can see what is wrong with it. The color of Car is not good and this company is also not good. He Wastes Money. If someone says such things in front of you, then that person is jealous. You have to see what kind of evil he does to you.If he does evil to others in front of you, he will do evil to you in front of others
He must have done it.

Mention your failure in front of others

The person who is jealous of you will tell others about your failures and difficult times so that others will know about your failures. Your success and happiness will not be shared with others.

Always compare with Other

Envious people are quick to compare themself with other people For example, if someone has taken a car, they can see what is wrong with it. The color of Car is not good and this company is also not good. He Wastes Money. They will start mentioning their things like That.

Remembering kindness

They always remind you that my advice was behind your success. You wouldn’t be so successful if you didn’t do that. Even if these people come to your work by mistake. They will always member in front of some people  I was behind your success. because they want to get credit for your success.

Competition With you

One of the signs of jealousy is that he wants to buy everything just like you. For example, a house like yours, a car like yours, a mortgage like yours, Want to dress like you. Always trying to live like you and they can go to any extent for this work. At any event, they try to make you look better than you

They gossip behind your back

They love to tell all kinds of bad stories about you to other people. They gossip because they want to feel superior even though they are extremely insecure about themselves. This is where gossiping fits in because it
is a perfect way of doing harm to someone without ever having to deal with them face

They react negatively when others praise

When someone says something good about you, the jealousy feels insulted in front of other people The admiration that other people show you are strong. The jealousy people will completely try to convert the attention of people to other things to feel good.

They examine your work

When there is someone jealous of you, they will most certainly scrutinize your work. They will pay close attention to everything you do. The intention behind this behavior is to wait patiently for you to make some mistakes.

Then they will have a great opportunity to correct you in front of other people. This makes them feel good about themselves. It seems like they look better if they put you down.

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